The Entropic Battles

Crazy Docs and Old Men

Once again gathered at The Diamond Eye, our heroes were once again given a job to do by Zeth, as well as introduced to their new ally, Dr. Birken. The following day, they were to journey to the west to collect a chemical, but for now they could rest and mingle. The good doctor turned out to be not-so-good, popping a man’s arm and turning another into a zombie before Zandell tried to keep him under control, resulting in a battle between the two, before a fire broke out nearby. It appears Zeth’s servant’s quarters had bet set ablaze. Dr. Birken headed back to the tavern to tell the others, while Zandell followed a magical trail leading away from the fire. It led back to an old man with a bowl. After a long talk with the old man, the group managed to acquire the bowl, and went to sleep. Oh, have you met the old man’s daughter? She’d make a great wife, you know.



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