The Entropic Battles

He's Back, B****es

A new day dawns, revealing the reassignment of Dr. Birken and Zandell, while the rest of the group is sent to gain some ritual knowledge from the south, though their old buddy Zeth had been replaced by the meat-hungry Lobia. The government has added a new member to the team, determining his specialty to particularly useful in this endeavor. Incidentally, the new member, Raziel, is an old acquaintance of Voot’s from a shared dream project the two undertook a few years back. Daemion swears he was involved too, but Raziel remembers none of this. After being sent to Ja Vien sans Ms. Harrison, the group found itself in an unpleasant desert, and quickly went to the nearby brown triangles, which proved to be huts forming the village of the Lith Tribe. The group hit a minor translation-related roadblock, which was solved around the same time as Lokie rejoined the group. The knowledge the group sought was not to be distributed freely, however, as the tribal council had decided, and the group would have to capture or kill a speedy desert beast known as the Piluma. But first, a feast was in order. After waking up, some of the group had massive hangovers, but this didn’t stop them from journeying out to find the beast. After almost half a day of tracking, the group found and incapacitated the beast, which had knocked out Raziel in the process. The group had a bit of difficulty finding their way back, but thanks to Lokie’s sureness of direction, the group arrived at the village five hours later. Wait, I think I left out a word there. I meant the wrong village. After being treated to a great feast in honor of that village’s trader, as well as a spectacular ritual summoning the very spirit of the country itself, the group headed back into the desert once more, guided by the directions of the merchant. Having reached the proper the village, the group delivered the Piluma, gained the ritual knowledge, and headed back to town via a scroll of mass teleportation left by the government teleporter.



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