The Entropic Battles

In to the Dark Scary Cold place

So... Very.... Cold...

After Spending a great amount of time relaxing in the little city, And by relaxing I mean killing Five hours, Our Heroes had met Lokie Harrison, A flamboyant female, and Voot Decided to hire her, needing another body guard, And just to keep this all one sentence, Had begun talking to the runeologist, who told us that the key they had been looking for belonged to the Rune of Mass Flight, And pointed us in the direction of an old Castle.

(that was all one sentence, hehe)

Voot Called Daemionn and got some more Beast, Ingested some of it, and regretted it later.

After a series of Ice related challenges, Quickly dispersed thanks in part to Ms. Harrison and a found Mid Ice Rune And Key, We discovered The Mass Flight key, And Thanks to Zeth We got a quick Teleport back to Zeeh Town.


Just made the [[Beast]] Page. I lol’d.

In to the Dark Scary Cold place

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