The Entropic Battles

The Journey West

Upon waking the following day, the group met again at The Diamond Eye for breakfast, and some more no-so-pleasant teleportation. Voot wasn’t able to join them, as he had business to do. Upon landing, the two were dropped in front of the Department of Intercontinental Affairs, where Mr./Dr./General N-something assigned the group to collect an artifact on behalf of the government. After a ride in a passing meatwagon (in the most literal sense), the group was dropped off at a guard tower near the ruins they would be investigating. After the gunney officer was finished being thoroughly creeped out by Dr. Birken, the group entered the ruins, where Varley made short work of the traps. Or masturbated. Who knows? After solving a puzzle wherein Daemion gained the power of one of those color-changing lights, the group grabbed an egg, and quickly found themselves trapped as the ruins collapsed around them, only saved by a force field generated by Varley. The good doctor then changed himself into a gigantic desert worm, and tunneled out, with the rest of the group in his mouth. After dropping off the egg with the gunney officer, the group flew back to the main city on the back of Dr. Birken. The group visited the Department of Intercontinental Affairs again, making sure that Dr. Birken got his blood, and not the chemical. After attempting to further spread Beast, the group was brought back to the central country and decided to take a break.



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