The Entropic Battles

To the North

Or: Last time on Daemionn's Roleplay

Our intrepid Adventurers had just finished securing an income, after they were convinced to work for the Government. Voot had Set up a tavern with a gymnastics course in on top, while Varley “The Silent” accepted all challengers. No challengers left the Ring un-unharmed. The myserious Philanthropist Mr. Nox, continued his effort to spread Debt Houses, Through loans, to the the poorer inhabitants of Zeeh Town. After much hasseling about Zeth met up with Voot, and a quest was scheduled to begin.

The next day our group of heroes met at “The Diamond Eye”. Voot had told zeth to meet him there, but not before Daemionn had given Voot a can of Beast. Zeth teleported Voot, Varley, and Zandell to the North ! They quickly found a town and asked a gaured about a picture of a Key Voot was given by Zeth. After a quick bluff that it was gotten on the Winternet, they were pointed in the direction of the Wizards tower. They then learned about Runes. After meeting a Runic Expert, they agreed to meet him after he was done at a tavern nearby.

And that was a good stopping point.


I made dis!

To the North

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