Voot Lejin

A not-quite dashing rogue with a flair for the dramatic. Oh and a curse. That two.


+7 to hit with dagger

+6 To block with dagger

Can teleport 100m through shadows (though this is used to get him much farther)

Can open a personal portal to the shadow world, for his own use. Also, he stores things there.

+3 on acrobatics, and other skills.

Thats it for now I think.


After being raised by an abusive mother and father, and killing them, Voot took over his father’s organization, but instead of wanton villainy, he has used it more as a secret police to keep people from entering a dangerous part of town, and to help poorer citizens get what they need to survive.

Sometimes cruel, Voot does want to help people, though his methods tend to separate the people he helps from the rest of the world.

Voot Lejin

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