The Entropic Battles

He's Back, B****es

A new day dawns, revealing the reassignment of Dr. Birken and Zandell, while the rest of the group is sent to gain some ritual knowledge from the south, though their old buddy Zeth had been replaced by the meat-hungry Lobia. The government has added a new member to the team, determining his specialty to particularly useful in this endeavor. Incidentally, the new member, Raziel, is an old acquaintance of Voot’s from a shared dream project the two undertook a few years back. Daemion swears he was involved too, but Raziel remembers none of this. After being sent to Ja Vien sans Ms. Harrison, the group found itself in an unpleasant desert, and quickly went to the nearby brown triangles, which proved to be huts forming the village of the Lith Tribe. The group hit a minor translation-related roadblock, which was solved around the same time as Lokie rejoined the group. The knowledge the group sought was not to be distributed freely, however, as the tribal council had decided, and the group would have to capture or kill a speedy desert beast known as the Piluma. But first, a feast was in order. After waking up, some of the group had massive hangovers, but this didn’t stop them from journeying out to find the beast. After almost half a day of tracking, the group found and incapacitated the beast, which had knocked out Raziel in the process. The group had a bit of difficulty finding their way back, but thanks to Lokie’s sureness of direction, the group arrived at the village five hours later. Wait, I think I left out a word there. I meant the wrong village. After being treated to a great feast in honor of that village’s trader, as well as a spectacular ritual summoning the very spirit of the country itself, the group headed back into the desert once more, guided by the directions of the merchant. Having reached the proper the village, the group delivered the Piluma, gained the ritual knowledge, and headed back to town via a scroll of mass teleportation left by the government teleporter.

The Journey West

Upon waking the following day, the group met again at The Diamond Eye for breakfast, and some more no-so-pleasant teleportation. Voot wasn’t able to join them, as he had business to do. Upon landing, the two were dropped in front of the Department of Intercontinental Affairs, where Mr./Dr./General N-something assigned the group to collect an artifact on behalf of the government. After a ride in a passing meatwagon (in the most literal sense), the group was dropped off at a guard tower near the ruins they would be investigating. After the gunney officer was finished being thoroughly creeped out by Dr. Birken, the group entered the ruins, where Varley made short work of the traps. Or masturbated. Who knows? After solving a puzzle wherein Daemion gained the power of one of those color-changing lights, the group grabbed an egg, and quickly found themselves trapped as the ruins collapsed around them, only saved by a force field generated by Varley. The good doctor then changed himself into a gigantic desert worm, and tunneled out, with the rest of the group in his mouth. After dropping off the egg with the gunney officer, the group flew back to the main city on the back of Dr. Birken. The group visited the Department of Intercontinental Affairs again, making sure that Dr. Birken got his blood, and not the chemical. After attempting to further spread Beast, the group was brought back to the central country and decided to take a break.

Crazy Docs and Old Men

Once again gathered at The Diamond Eye, our heroes were once again given a job to do by Zeth, as well as introduced to their new ally, Dr. Birken. The following day, they were to journey to the west to collect a chemical, but for now they could rest and mingle. The good doctor turned out to be not-so-good, popping a man’s arm and turning another into a zombie before Zandell tried to keep him under control, resulting in a battle between the two, before a fire broke out nearby. It appears Zeth’s servant’s quarters had bet set ablaze. Dr. Birken headed back to the tavern to tell the others, while Zandell followed a magical trail leading away from the fire. It led back to an old man with a bowl. After a long talk with the old man, the group managed to acquire the bowl, and went to sleep. Oh, have you met the old man’s daughter? She’d make a great wife, you know.

In to the Dark Scary Cold place
So... Very.... Cold...

After Spending a great amount of time relaxing in the little city, And by relaxing I mean killing Five hours, Our Heroes had met Lokie Harrison, A flamboyant female, and Voot Decided to hire her, needing another body guard, And just to keep this all one sentence, Had begun talking to the runeologist, who told us that the key they had been looking for belonged to the Rune of Mass Flight, And pointed us in the direction of an old Castle.

(that was all one sentence, hehe)

Voot Called Daemionn and got some more Beast, Ingested some of it, and regretted it later.

After a series of Ice related challenges, Quickly dispersed thanks in part to Ms. Harrison and a found Mid Ice Rune And Key, We discovered The Mass Flight key, And Thanks to Zeth We got a quick Teleport back to Zeeh Town.

To the North
Or: Last time on Daemionn's Roleplay

Our intrepid Adventurers had just finished securing an income, after they were convinced to work for the Government. Voot had Set up a tavern with a gymnastics course in on top, while Varley “The Silent” accepted all challengers. No challengers left the Ring un-unharmed. The myserious Philanthropist Mr. Nox, continued his effort to spread Debt Houses, Through loans, to the the poorer inhabitants of Zeeh Town. After much hasseling about Zeth met up with Voot, and a quest was scheduled to begin.

The next day our group of heroes met at “The Diamond Eye”. Voot had told zeth to meet him there, but not before Daemionn had given Voot a can of Beast. Zeth teleported Voot, Varley, and Zandell to the North ! They quickly found a town and asked a gaured about a picture of a Key Voot was given by Zeth. After a quick bluff that it was gotten on the Winternet, they were pointed in the direction of the Wizards tower. They then learned about Runes. After meeting a Runic Expert, they agreed to meet him after he was done at a tavern nearby.

And that was a good stopping point.

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