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  • Northern Country

    Cold and barren, this country rests atop an ancient [[Iceberg]]. With a [[Culture]] based on scarcity, with luxury being an idea only seen in towns, this country has a hardy people. [[Runes]] Are the dominant magical implement capable of unlocking …

  • The Spark

    h1. The kindling of the Soul The spark is the entrance in to manhood. To receive the Spark means that the tribe accepts you as one of their own. Each tribe has their own unique ritual, but certain elements are common through out: # The Guardian …

  • Summoning

    Originating in the [[Eastern Country]] summoning magic is divided into two major categories: the [[Summoning Within]], and the [[Summoning Without]]. The Summoning Within is the study of drawing the power of the [[Avatars | the sleeping gods]] into one's …