Southern Country

The Great South.

With a rich, and cultural history the southern Country (or Ja Vien) is best known for its Community, Its Magic, and its Cooking.


In Ja Vien, Age partly Determines social Standing. Because of a ritual given during adolescents (The Spark), Very few people have any hair from their youth, so hair is used as a sign of Age and wisdom. The Tribe is the most important social unit to Ja-Vians, For in order for the individual to succeed so to must the tribe. With out the Tribe there is none for the hunt, none to go to for wisdom, and none to share with.


The Cleansing Fire and the Tribe are the sources of magic for a Ja-Vian. Fire, the heat of the life giving sun, is the most natural (or so the Ja-Vians say) of all energies. In order for the tribe to survive it must harness and use Fire for con- and De- structive purposes. Spells are rarely cast with fewer then 5 tribes men. This is because each member of the tribe receives a small bit of fire in their soul when they undergo The Spark. Some can nurture this to a higher level, but doing so consumes the fuel of the soul faster, leading to Bright, but short, lives. With rituals having members in the hundreds entire villages have been destroyed in a flash during the night. This of course doesn’t always work if not every one agrees.


Because of the Importance of the tribe for such powerful magic, A pseudo-Republic has been formed. Tribe members vote for Elders to be part of a council that decides the path of the tribe. In the much larger sense, these Tribe elders Vote for a member of the Great Tribal Council. This represents the main body seen by outside forces, as it is able to encourage scores of tribes to Assist in the casting of a spell, through Lessening and increasing Taxes and Tariffs.

Southern Country

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